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The First Starfighters To Give Their Life For The Earth

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Taken From Surviving History Books

   In the years before the attempted invasion of Earth by the Kelgarons, Starfighters were the paranoid offspring of the United States government. They were a small elite fighter group based in outer space. Their mission was to defend the Earth from possible hostile aliens and any other type of threat from outer space.

   The Starfighters at that time were made up of three squadrons. A squadron of Starfighters was stationed on two of the three Star Bases under construction and on board the Galactic Enterprise. The two Star Bases carried ten ships, eight fighters and two bombers. The Galactic Enterprise only had room for six fighters along with its own support spacecraft.

   In 2043 the Starfighters proved their worth by destroying an asteroid the size of Rhode Island. The mission was both a failure and a success. Everything that could go wrong did. Six spacecraft each carrying two bombs were sent to intercept the asteroid. In theory, each bomb could have destroyed the asteroid by itself. Because there was some doubt, it was decided to send several more bombs just in case things went wrong. Things went wrong. The debris field around the asteroid proved almost impenetrable. All the spacecraft were severely damaged trying to reach the asteroid.

   On the second attempt three of the Starfighters’ ships were destroyed. Leaking fuel and oxygen, one of the Starfighters made a head-on run at the asteroid. Just as he entered the debris field a shout of “Victory or Death” could be heard over the radio. A moment later both of his bombs exploded. The explosion cleared a path through the debris field for the remaining two Starfighters to make a run on the asteroid.

   The first Starfighter got in, launched his bombs, and got out again. Both of the bombs hit their target and exploded. When the smoke cleared they appeared to have almost no visible effect on the asteroid. The remaining Starfighter placed himself in the path of the asteroid. He waited for the asteroid to come to him giving him time to study the asteroid very carefully. For 33 hours he paced the asteroid before he gunned his engines using up what little fuel he had left. What images there were of the event show the Starfighter appear to impact the asteroid’s surface. Several tense seconds passed before the asteroid blew apart. It was surmised that the Starfighter somehow found a way to fly his ship inside the asteroid before releasing his bombs.

   His ship leaking life-support gases, the remaining Starfighter died long before he could return to one of the Star Bases in lunar orbit. The Captain of the Galactic Enterprise made a heroic effort to reach the stranded Starfighter. He pushed the engines of the big ship right to the limit, and they later had to be replaced -- but the rescue effort was to no avail. The Starfighter was dead by the time the Galactic Enterprise reached him. His body and his ship were recovered by a search-and-rescue ship from the Galactic Enterprise. The Starfighter’s ship is on display at the entrance of Starfighter Command Headquarters. That battered and somewhat mangled ship reminds us of the level of commitment that is expected of Starfighters today.



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