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Warrior Poets

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Poetry From The Logs of Fallen Starfighters

A poet warrior he took a stand.

On a distant world, no man's land.

Pressed by enemies on every side.

A sea, an ocean, a living tide.

Against the waves he stood.

Four days he fought the best he could.

Then a beam of light cut through his side.

On that distant planet the poet warrior died.

His name we shall never know.

But, following in his footsteps we will ever go.

Taken From The Tomb Of The Unknown Starfighter

What follows is selected poetry, letters, and thoughts taken from the personal logs of Starfighters who have fallen in battle. This is the heart and soul of the Starfighters and the passion that drives us. These and many other poems flash across one of the large plasma screens embedded in the walls at the Tomb of the Unknown Starfighter.

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She Was The First To Kill A Human

What Really Happened?

It Is All Commentary
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