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Early History Of Starfighter Command

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Pre-Invasion F-03

Starfighter Command Pre-Invasion Archives

Recovered From Servers Found In The Rubble Of The Pentagon


Three years ago we began a forensic recovery of hard drives from the remains of the Pentagon.

What follows is a recovery of a old website once hosted and stored on Department of Defense servers around late 2019. Enough of this information has been verified to believe it is authentic and gives the present day Starfighter Command a look back at part of our history that was lost.

Click Here to see the restored data as someone living in 2019 would have seen it.

See an images of a pre-war mobile command unit from 2019 when the Star Fighter Command and Control Feasibility Study Research Group (Think Tank) lost its funding and its consulting contract with the Department of Defense and was taken over by another research group.

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