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Starfighter Command Warrior Poets

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Starfighter Command Warrior Poets Archives

War Poets F-005

With What, Do I Compare

I have stood in a giant ice cave carved from a glacier and have followed its twists and turns until I reach the end or was it the beginning, it's hard to tell which. There at that place, in a shaft of light, I saw a water fall. Water leaped from rock to rock and rainbows played in the mist and yet in its splendor it does not compare...

Great trees reach to the sky, shades of green and brown. The ground is a soft carpet of leaves. You can smell the moist clean air, as the morning dew drips from the leaves high above your head. You can feel the power of God, and the reverence to the Father in a part of a majestic forest few eyes have seen, and still this does not compare…

Soft and gentle is the falling rain as it heralds a mighty storm. Softy, slowly, the storm builds like a great musical composition. The thunder, like kettle drums, shakes the land, and reaches into the depths of your very being. The clash of the cymbals can be felt with each bolt of lightning as it lights up the night sky. Such music, such beauty, such pure power, but even this cannot compare...

All is quiet and still. The morning air is cool and crisp. The song of a nearby bird breaks the morning silence. Softly they come, to feed on the tall grass in the meadow where I lay sleeping. Something stirs in my mind and I awake. Deer surround me on all sides. For a moment or two I am a part of them. I just sat and watch them as they graze a midst the tall grass. Great peace and joy filled my being. In a moment they were gone. Though this one moment in time is forever burned in my mind, it does not compare...

Softly falls the frozen white powder that covers the sleeping Earth in a blanket of white. I reach out, a snowflake lands gently on my glove. I look at this tiny beautiful crystal for only a moment. In another moment it is gone turned to water, so fragile. Beneath the blanket of snow the Earth slumbers. Waiting, waiting for the spring to awaken, and bring forth new life. Still this does not compare...

The water leaps from rock to rock as the small stream makes its way down the mountain. Life returns to the land after a long winter's nap. The stream gives of its self and the land responds. Trees take leaf and fields of flowers line the stream's way. The stream becomes a creek, and the creek becomes a river. The river becomes a still greater river and so on until we come to the sea. The sea, the giver of life, is its self filled with life. The balance and complexity of life staggers the mind and yet it does not compare...

I sit on a rock and look out across a small valley nestled in the arms of tall mountains on all sides. The fragrance of the flowers that cover the valley floor fills my nostrils. I watch as a butterfly floats on the gentle breeze. The sweet melody of the birds fill my ears. A stream gurgles nearby. The sun sets, turning the clouds to a brilliant orange that slowly fade to red. I watch as the moon rises; a great orange ball that hangs on the horizon. The vastness of space stretches out before me. I lay back and watch for shooting stars and wonder if anything can compare...

... to you.


Behind the Screen

I hide behind the screen never to be seen, hoping, wishing, that I was what I seem.

My mask striped away I lay naked to the world, yet, I am a ghost, invisible to most.

Gentle, violent, vulgar, meek and mild, anger, hate and rage words on a page.

I can be anything I want, no longer hiding the passions that devour me.

I don’t need to hide all the ugliness and beauty inside.

I have no name, and I’m safe it seems as long as I hide behind my screen.

Deep inside I have a fear that it might be discovered that I am someone quite near.

I am a brother or a sister, a husband, a lover, or a friend quite dear.

You never knew my secret side, I hid it deep inside.

A secret passion, an eternal flame, a gentle breeze, and a raging storm.

All hidden behind the screen never to be seen, hoping, wishing, that I was what I seem.



I wait,

To read your words and I hold my breath when I do not find them waiting for me.

I wait,

For the vision to come when I see your face in my mind.

I wait,

Longing to hold you in my arms and show you the world through my eyes.

I wait,

Feeling each beat of my heart as passion’s flame grows within me.

I wait,

Searching for the words that would capture your heart.

I wait,

To look into your eyes, run my fingers through your hair, and hold you tight.

I wait,

For the barriers that separate us to come crashing down.

I wait,

For passion’s rage to consume me; then nothing will keep me from standing at your side.

I wait,

For your love to consume me, fill me up, and overflow all around me.

I wait…


Lost and Found

I had it just the other day.

I don’t know where it could have gone.

I looked under my bed,

And cleaned out my closet.

I looked under the couch,

And all around the house.

I looked in all the kitchen drawers,

And everywhere I went outdoors.

I looked down the road,

And around the block.

I put out signs,

And talked to the neighbors.

I even put an ad in all the newspapers.

I couldn’t believe that I would leave it lying around.

It just was nowhere to be found.

Then I remembered where I put the part.

It was to you that I gave my heart.


A Fairy Tale

Let me write a fairytale like no other. A never ending story where I make all your dreams come true and we live happily ever after forever and a day. It would be a story where I would play all the parts. I would be the ground you walk on, the air you breathe, the tree that shades your head from the sun, and the grass that tickles your feet. I would be the sun that warms you, the music that touches your soul, and the rain that washes away your tears. I would kiss you, touch you, and hold you in my arms until you could feel passion's eternal flame and understand the love that created the universe beats within my heart just for you. And, this is just the beginning of the story for which there is no end or so my heart hopes.


Things of Love

The joy of love.

Seeing you smile.

The sadness of love.

The distance between us.

Words of love.

The beating of my heart.

Wrapped in love.

Your arms around me.

The sound of love.

You, whispering in my ear.

The feeling of love.

Our bodies entwined.

The taste of love.

The flame of passion’s kiss.

The touch of love.

Gentle hands against flesh.

The world’s love.

A chance encounter.

Heaven’s love.

An angel sent.

Passion’s love.

The fire inside us.

Eternal love.

An endless kiss.

My love.

An eternal flame.



How shall I describe your beauty if I cannot find the words.

How shall I touch you if you are beyond my reach.

How shall I express the words in my heart if they have not been invented.

How shall I love you if I cannot hold you in my arms.

For your beauty I can cherish it in my mind always.

For your touch I have but to dream.

For I will make new words to say what I cannot.

For your love, I will wait, and hold you in my heart.


A Moth to a Flame

I keep coming back, drawn by what, your smile, your eyes, the magic that seems to surround you? At what point does the fire become too hot and the moth is consumed by the radiant beauty that beckoned him to his doom. Dazzled by a jewel in the night he circles ever closer. Even when his wings become singed he does not shy away but draws nearer still. Closer and closer he comes, until, at last, he merges with the flaming jewel dancing in the night. Does the moth feel any regret in that last moment or is it a moment of supreme joy?

What draws the moth to the flame? What keeps bringing me back to you, my desperation, your quiet beauty? Am I like the moth, doomed? Already I feel the warmth of the fire and even though it may destroy me I cannot stay away. I live in a fairytale and I am drawn to magic. A look, a smile, a simple touch can fill me with light and power and give my heart wings to fly. I wonder if that is what doomed the moth; destroyed not by the fire from without but by the fire from within. So perhaps it was joy he felt as he was consumed by such exquisite beauty his heart burst forth with song as the flames engulfed him.

Now here I sit wondering what it is that draws me to you. Am I but a moth drawn to a flame unable to help myself? Do I see more than what there is to be seen in an image that captured more than a lovely external form? Perhaps it is the magic I seem to see inside you; magic waiting to envelope the world. So here I am, a moth to a flame.


If I Were Not So Faraway

If I were not so far away I take you dancing under the moonlight.

I’d search the heavens for a falling star just so you could make a wish.

If it were not so far away and I could get there today; I’d take you for a walk on a crystal white beach.

I’d pick fields of wildflowers, rainbow colors, so you could smell the fragrance of a mountain valley all day long.

If it was not so far to go I’d show you how beautiful you are in the still water of a glacial lake.

I’d tell you tales of fairies and dragons in love and whisper sweet poems in your ear.

If I were not so far away I’d take you out for a candlelit dinner under the full moon when unicorns come out to play.

I would make you laugh just to see you smile and watch the stars dance in you eyes.

If I were not so far away.


You're Not Perfect

You're not perfect.

You're not beautiful.

Those are but words used to describe that which is beyond description.

You are not gorgeous.

You are not ideal.

They are just more useless ineffective inadequate worthless words.

You're not wonderful.

You're not attractive.

What are you, what can describe you, where can the words be found?

You're not just the thing or wonderful or great.

You're not fine-looking or stunning or dazzling.

I could use these words easily enough as flawed as they are, but they would be sadly inadequate to describe the faultless flawless perfection of an angel.

You're not perfect.

You're not beautiful.



I saw her smile and my heart skipped a beat as her eyes twinkled like jewels. Ice flowed and the world was warmed by her smile and her eyes laughed at my foolishness. Captivated by the depth I see, I drown willingly in her smile. It is the sun I see on a cloudy day; the warmth as I lay freezing to death in a cold friendless world. A glimpse of her smile is all I need to set my heart soaring high above the clouds and out among the stars. I am caught helpless in her snare and left dangling at the end of a rope. Yet, for the chance to see her smile I would face the fire. Let it burn me and consume me whole, I would feel nothing for I have already been destroyed by her smile. Yes, tie me to the stake and pile the wood high for my soul has been seared and scorched by the same kind of smile that launched a thousand ships. Let death come and take me now for I have seen perfection in the smile of an angel. But, it is the night that takes me and torments me with a vision of Heaven. I saw her smile, my heart skipped a beat, and her eyes twinkled like jewels.


Sweet Words

Come sweet words and dance about me as you do her. Wrap about me and hold me and feel the beat of my heart. Whisper what it is that I must say to play upon the strings of her heart to enchant her and dance with her. Tell me of the poetry that flows through her like water that I may come to know the depth of her soul. Oh sweet words, do not abandon me now and plunge me into a chasm of darkness and despair. Do not take the light from me for I would become endlessly lost. Sweet words stay with me, let me feel the sun upon my face and the warmth in my soul. Lift me up high above the clouds that I may float gently back into your arms. Ah sweet words, come to me, rain down upon me, soak me, drown me that I may touch her soul and make her heart beat a little faster too. Feel the beating of my heart and the warmth of my soul and pull from me the words I cannot find in my mind. Find that place where they have hidden from me; turn over the stones in my heart and shred me to little pieces if you must but help me to find the words in my heart that will touch hers. Sweet words come out of me, come out of the air, come out of wherever you have hidden from me that I may find you at last. Come sweet words and dance about me as you do about her.



Smile and let me watch the stars that dance in your eyes. Let me lose myself in you if for but a moment. Smile at me and my heart begins to pound and I want to fill your world with hope. I want to rediscover the world and show you the magic in a single flower.



What does it mean this silence of yours?

I wait in anticipation and I hope against all the odds but all there is is silence.

I linger but there is nothing, not a sound, not a word, nothing for hope to cling to.

Still I wait in darkness hoping that you will turn on a light that I might find my way.

Does your silence mean that there may exist a drop of hope for me; hope, I cling to like a drowning man grasping at sticks that float by?

How shall I know the answer if all there is is silence, your silence?

Put the gun to my head and pull the trigger and end my suffering, end the silence.

Free me from the hope that lingers like the night resisting the coming of the sun.

Condemn me to eternal darkness or fill me with light but do not leave me in limbo with your silence.

Do not leave me in that place between darkness and light where I can only catch a glimpse of Heaven.

Do not leave me in silence wondering what more I could have said.

Answer me even if it is to say, "No thank you," do not leave me in silence with a glimmer of hope.

Silence, endless silence, what does it mean?


She Danced Alone

Out among the stars she danced alone well beyond my reach.

I drift in darkness and she is the light I would cling to if I were not so far away.

The distance between us is measured in light-years; oh that it were measured in inches.

I am but a lumpy old rock orbiting a star from afar.

What makes her so special; she is but one bright light in an endless black sea of lights?

Perhaps it is her search for the fairytale and the magic of true love that draws me like a moth to a flame.

Still, there is this distance between us I can never seem to bridge and so I remain darkness.

So she dances alone out among the stars well beyond my reach



Where does the air go when you walk by?

Where does the sun go when you don’t smile?

Why does my heart race faster the closer you get to me?

Why do the words I want to say to you get stuck in my throat?

Why am I so afraid of you?

What terror does your touch hold?

Will I die, would I cry?

What would happen to me?

Would time grind to a halt?

Would the world stop turning?

Are all my fears foolish?

Why do all these questions race through my mind whenever I see you?

Why do you seem so perfect?

Is it your smile?

Is it your delicate hands?

Is it the shape of your feet?

Is it the color of your beautiful eyes?

What color are your eyes?

What do your lips taste like?

What would it feel like to hold you in my arms?

Would my heart stop beating?

Would I explode?

Would I become putty in your hands?

What of forever?

What would I gain if you loved me?

What could I lose if I loved you?

Why do I feel like I’m drowning on dry land?

Where does the sun go when you don’t smile?

Where does the air go when you walk by?

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