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Starfighter Command Warrior Poets

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The Heart of a Starfighter

Within in our heart there is no fear.

We are above greed and envy.

We are made from the hardest steel.

Still, in our hearts there is room for compassion.

We defend the weak and oppressed.

In our heart beats only the truth.

Justice is our soul,

We defend what is right and good.

We are not perfect, in us beats a human heart.

We do not seek to be perfect, only to stand upon the path.

Defeat and failure does not detour us from trying again.

We do not look upon death as a defeat.

Rather, death is a victory and the welcome reward of a battle well fought.

If by chance we gain victory and live to fight again,

We will be merciful to our enemies.

For in our hearts there is no room for hate.

In our hearts beats our rage and passion.

It is voiced in our battle cry.

It seen in our deeds great and small.

In death, it is our last dying breath.

Each beat of our heart cries out, "VICTORY OR DEATH!"

The meaning of which is lost on those that do not understand.

The heart of a Starfighter never stops beating, not in life or death.



Can you see it?

It stands in the brightest of lights.

Can you hear it?

It is the battle cry of the brave.

Can you taste it?

It is the blood upon your lips.

Can you smell it?

It is the smoke that lingers in the air.

Can you feel it?

It is the silence after the battle.

What is it?


It is the reward of all Starfighters.

Even in death there is victory if we stay the course. Victory is not always given to the winners. The victor is the one that put forth all his heart, mind, and might in defending the cause of honor and truth. Even though we may fall in battle if we have given our all the victory is ours.



Drifting through emptiness, blackness.

Falling standing still.

Black depths of nothingness.

Endless without beginning.

I'm a Starfighter. I think of such things as my patrol of the sector stretches on endlessly like the space before me. Silent contemplation of the blackness of space. Space really is black you know.

A great void of nothing.

A void so vast that light is but tiny point against the black.

Blinding close up, a few billion light years away a pin point.

The silence is deafening.

My ship is equipped with a small library, but I prefer the silence drifting with my engines cut off. Good thing too. I no longer have to worry the sound of my engines ever again. Surrounded by bits of metal that were once my enemies, but I too am dead. Some of those bits of metal belong to my fighter.

Space cold, black, bleak, airless.

I have become death.

My enemies' death, my death.

Even in death there is victory.

Victory with honor, a noble death.

But, I am not dead yet. I am a Starfighter. I will struggle against the inevitable. Death will not find me such easy willing victim. I will not go quietly into the night.

The black void, eternal night.

Space is not black.

It is filled with light.

True light, un-reflected light.

I drift not in darkness, but in light.

Light that fills me up and gives me hope.

VICTORY OR DEATH the battle cry. The life blood of every Starfighter. All meaningless now, no. Even with no hope I continue the struggle that I may cheat death one more time. Two good fuel-cells and life support still works. My meals might be cold, but I have food. It will be a while before death can take me.

Effort supreme, the struggle for life.

A daily battle against the ultimate enemy.

Every day we find a way to cheat death.

Morning starts our struggle all over again.

There is only victory.

The end is not darkness of night.

Our final step is into the light.

If I have lived with honor. Then I will die with honor. In that there is victory over death. The victory is in the effort. Did I give my best? Did I try my best? Did I finish the race? Has my life counted for something? I'm a Starfighter. I think of things like this as I cling to life.

Drifting through emptiness, stillness, blackness.

Falling standing still.

Quiet thunder.

The beating of my heart.


I Cry Out

I cry out.

Though I find myself a part of the great void, and the gates of heaven, and hell, open before me.

From the depths I cry out.

Covered in the blood of my friends and enemies; I wait to mingle my blood with theirs.

From the hilltop I cry out.

The night turns to fire and is quickly quenched by the rain and the night.

From the darkness I cry out.

Surrounded and outnumbered I stand alone against my enemies, my life is gone.

From despair I cry out.

Laser light streaks across the night as they all come against me.

From the trench I cry out.

In the flashes of light I see the bodies of my fallen brothers lying in the mud.

For them I will cry out.

Gathering my strength, I rise summoning all the powers of heaven and hell.

In anger and rage I cry out.

In the face death I stand to welcome my fate.

And, I cry out, VICTORY OR DEATH!!!



Death surrounds me,

The ground is slick with blood.

Blood of friend and foe alike,

Each fought and died for a cause.

On a hunk of rock no one would want,

Bodies lay rotting in the sun.

One fought to conquer,

One fought to survive.

One will honor its dead,

The other will forget this place.

In death there is victory,

In victory there is life.

Against all the odds I emerge,

Alone on top of a hill.

The victory is not mine alone,

A world rejoices and cries also.

I whisper the words on the lips of our dead,

Victory or Death.


Eternity Waits

Eternity awaits us.

The victory will be ours.

We will pour our hearts into the battle.

For our homes,

For our families,

For our way of life,

For our God.

We will pour our soul into the battle.

The victory will be ours.

Eternity awaits us.


I Hear the Call

I hear the call.

Word of the dead whisper to me.

I hear the call,

In our leaders answer to the enemy's threat.

I hear the call,

Through the fears of my friends and neighbors.

I hear the call,

In the smoky remains of our cities' buildings.

I hear the call,

To defend the earth from tyrants and villains.

I hear the call,

Of truth and justice and honor.

I hear the call,

To be a Starfighter and defender of Earth.


Time Enough

There is time enough.

Perhaps, we will sit upon a beach somewhere, and look back, and laugh at all this as we watch the full moon rise up out of the ocean together. I would take you in my arms, and make time stand still for a moment, that would last forever .

There is time enough my lovely lady.

I would show you the flames of eternal passion, and a world filled with love. I'd sweep you up into the stars, and never let you come down.

There is time enough to get to know one another.

To learn to feel the other's pains, and joys. I want to cry when you cry, and smile when you smile.

There is time enough to catch butterflies.

We could sail around the world visiting unknown lands, and see the great wonders of the world. With your arms around me anything would be possible.

There is time enough for love.

Long after passion glow burns low; love's eternal flame will continue to grow. We will kindle a flame that will become a raging fire that can never die.

Yes, pretty lady, there is time enough.


The Agony of My Soul

I am hurt.

I am pain.

I am despair.

I am lost and alone.

I cry out in anguish, and none here my screams.

I reach out to you, and you cross the street.

My eyes meet yours, and you turn away.

I ask for help, and you send me away.

I am the fallen.

I am the homeless.

I am the misunderstood.

I am the widowed and divorced.

If help came it was too little too late.

If help came it was given grudgingly.

If help came it was too superficial.

If help came it was after the need had passed.

I had a need to be understood, where was your compassion?

I had a need for forgiveness, all I got were accusations.

I had a need to be held, and got pushed away.

I had a need for love, and all I got was anger and hate.

I am the forgotten, and misplaced.

I am one of those that fell between the cracks.

I am one of the lost no one wishes to find.

I am a wounded soul who fell away from the path.


A Moonlight Flight

Entwined, gliding through space

Rushing, and yet, going no place

Caressing, feeling you breathe

Silence, hearing the words in your eyes

Loneliness, the night without you

Passion, the beating of my heart

Love, the beating of your heart in time with mine

Together, dancing on air in the moonlight

Entwined, gliding through space

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