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Starfighter Command Warrior Poets

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Starfighter Command Warrior Poets Archives

War Poets F-004

The Night Comes

I still remember the night I left Earth. I wanted to dance the day away so I could hold you close but we walked and talked instead. You tried to smile but your eyes had lost their sparkle. I could feel the sadness we never spoke of and now a million light years away my heart is still breaking like shattered glass ground into dust and scattered among the stars. I can still remember the purple flower pattern and the black dress you wore and the way you hair fell naturally to your shoulders and framed your perfect face, an angel's face tinged with sadness. I wanted to hold you and kiss you and bury my face in your hair and tell you everything would turn out fine but we just walked and talked and I regret now every minute wasted on those words. I wish I would have wrapped myself around you and left the stars where they were in the night sky. But, I loved you more than my own life and so I added two new stars to the black void of the eternal night; so when you looked up you would remember me and when I looked back I would remember you. I spent the day with you wishing I could be by your side forever. I wanted to watch you laugh, but you cried. I wanted to hold you tight, but you kept me away as though my touch would cause you pain; a pain reflected in your eyes. You knew I had to go and I knew you had to let me go, but that did not make the moment any less bitter. Then the night came and took me; ripped from what I loved to defend what I loved. Now I curse the night and hunt for my death to end my agony knowing you are not mine. I love you just the same even though I will never see you again because I have been granted my wish and the end of my torment is at hand. Now I wish that I could be transported back in time and walk with you and talk with you one last time before the night comes to claim me again. But, it is just a dream and only my heart can touch what I cannot and say the words I wish I had told you that day long ago before the night came. Now the night comes again.


Let Me Paint Your Picture

Let me blend words for you like primary colors transformed into pastel flowers.

Let me color your hair with gold spun silk from a distant land.

Let me paint your lips with soft rose pedals and strawberries.

Let me pull jewels from the night sky for your eyes and use the magic of a rainbow for your smile.

Let my words dance around you like a gentle spring rain.

Let the fire of my words flare up with the passion of a super nova.

Let me kiss you with the morning dew and wrap words around you like a cool summer breeze.

Let me caress you with fragrant pedals of syllables and hold you with adjectives meant to describe angels.

Let me paint you in a world filled with magic where fairies would sing you to sleep.

Let me color your night with hope and sweet dreams of the morning yet to come.

Let me dance with you and laugh with you and tuck you in at night with stories of brave knights and noble and daring deeds.

Let me paint you portrait with beautiful words the color of which the world will not forget.

Let me paint your picture.


Talk To Me

The night is dark, black, and endless, and filled with silence as quite as a tomb.

Though there is noise all around me it is drowned out by the silence, your silence.

Talk to me, break through the silence that surrounds me and keeps me prisoner.

Speak but a single word that I may know that my words have reached you.

Say something that I might find hope in the depths of my despair.

Talk to me that I may know that I am not the last of my kind in the universe.

Tell me of your world and of the beauty that must surround an angel.

Ask me questions and I will tell of the mysteries that govern eternity.

Talk to me even if it is to tell me all my efforts and dreams are in vain.

Let your words fall upon me like a gentle rain in a hot dry desert.

Your whisper is the wind and your voice the thunder that pounds in my heart.

Talk to me that I may know that I am not dead but merely dreaming of you.

Say something that I might find a candle in the night to guide me.

Your words are the light that gives life to my world and fills it with magic.

Talk to me so that I may know you are real, not some disembodied spirit that haunts me.

Speak to me so that in my solitude I may know that I am not alone.

Do not be afraid for there are light years between us and I would never hurt you.

Talk to me.


She Danced

She danced by the light of the moon on the edge of a calm crystal blue sea,

Whirling and turning, dipping and bowing she danced to a nightingale's song.

Her golden hair reflected the stars as she spun in the air, lightly touching the ground,

Whirling and turning, dipping and bowing dancing to the nightingale's song.

Her silky silver white gown flowed and floated on the gentle night breeze

As she whirled and turned, dipped and bowed dancing to the nightingale's song.

She danced in the air on wings of golden blue filled with rainbow star lights,

Whirling and turning, dipping and bowing dancing to the nightingale's song.

And she danced by the light of the moon on the edge of a calm crystal blue sea,

Whirling and turning, dipping and bowing dancing to the nightingale's song.


Who Said They Don't Make Angels Anymore?

Who said they don't make angels anymore? One look at you and I know that it's not true. There are no words to describe the beauty of your face. One look and I am lost in time and space. There is nothing but you, all the world vanishes. What flower, what great wonder of nature can compare to you? It is though Heaven was drain of all its beauty.

They greatest wonder is your beautiful eyes. That is what Heaven must be, to be lost in your eyes. The world must stop as you walk by; driven to its knees in homage of a perfect angel. You are the standard against which all other angels must be measured. It is too much to hope that such an angel could be mine. I am a loathsome creature and you are a beauty beyond compare. Dare I hope, no, but I can dream.

What flower could I give you that would not wilt in shame? How could there be rain in the presence of such radiant light? I must be dreaming and yet there is still light. Is it daylight or your light I cannot tell.

Where are the words that that I may speak? Such beauty as yours bespeaks of poetry. Nothing else can come into my mind. Your beauty demands poetry for no other form of communication will do. They are but mere words but they flow from me like water. Flow they must for my heart has burst and the words just came gushing out. I am flooding by them and all I did was but glance at you. How could I even stand in your presence? They are but mere words but they burst forth from me like flowers in the spring. Words like water sucked up by the ground unfit to stand before you, even as am I. Shriveled, pathetic things are all I have to make you notice me, have pity on me.

Now that I have seen you I know that I have been damned and living in Hell without light. You are light, radiant, beautiful, sweet, blissful light. You are both the sun and the stars. What world has lost its light if you are here?

Oh muse among muses, what great and noble deeds have you inspired? Who could even begin to paint your picture and do you justice? What poem, what song could capture even the charm in your smile? How many dragons have died because you favored some young knight with your smile? How many wars fought, how many ships launched just for you? Oh sweet muse you tug at my heart like the tide tugs at the sea. You are a siren calling me to my doom and I would go willingly if I were not like Odysseus tied to the mast of my ship.

Who said they don't make angels anymore?


What Does It Take

What does it take to make you smile?

What does it take to make you cry or make you sigh?

What does it take to make your heart beat faster and take your breath away?

What does it take to speak words as soft as snow or as hard as iron?

What does it take to give a heart hope or crush it?

What does it take to push a simple button?

Little things, a moment of time, a single word, a simple effort can change the world, your world, someone else’s world, the whole world.

So what does it take to make you smile?



Adrift in an endless empty sea where the sound of silence thunders in my ears.

Waves of nothingness crashing against my ship soundlessly as I drift alone waiting; waiting to hear not just any voice, your voice, to remind me that I am not alone.

Speak to me, break through the endless empty silence that surround me and speak to me.

Tell me of your world, the rain that washes your face, the land that rises up to meet your feet, the wind that blows through your hair, and the sun that warms you.

Let me know that you are not some beautiful electronic apparition that taunts me, and haunts me, and torments me with endless silence.

I hold my breath and wait and the only sound is the beating of my heart.

Your silence wraps around me like the murkiness of some deep dark dungeon as I wait for the coming of my executioner.

I am but one jewel in the night waiting to be plucked from your sky and I cannot give you one good reason why you should choose me above the rest.

Still, I wait in silence to at the very least have my hopes dashed like some wave crashing upon the rocks.

At least in that the silence that torments me would be ended and I could move on searching for a star around which I can safely orbit.

No, here I sit in silence, endless agonizing silence, not know but hoping you will talk to me.

But all there is is silence, an endless empty sea of silence and the sound of it thunders in my ears.



My heart aches from the loneliness inside.

The emptiness fills my being and threatens to engulf me.

Standing still I run away from my feelings.

My fears, foolish things that hold me back.

To speak my heart, but what to say when the words won't come?

Fear stops my tongue; foolishness spills from my mouth.

Too often I have sat in silence afraid to speak.

I have run so far and so long that there is no place left to go.

Trapped by my fears, where is a place left that I might turn to?

Have I run so long that I've passed by the answer I've searched for?



Gently she slumbers in the night.

The starlight in her eyes can now be found in the night sky.

Dreams of tall buildings rising high where birds fly by.

The night wraps her body in its dark cloak.

Touching her body, caressing her, loving her as I would.

I am jealous of the night and would sleep if I could.

Thoughts of her keep me awake.

Thinking of how gently she slumbers in the night.



In our arrogance we think of ourselves as the only intelligent life on the planet. Heaven help the life form that might cause us to think otherwise.

Consider the trees, quite observers of life. We chop them down to build our homes, and to make paper, so we can have something soft to wipe our ass with.

Consider the birds, who live for that one moment of pure understanding of flight, and what it is to be a bird. Hunted not just for man's need for food, but for the sake of another pretty feather for his cap.

Consider the fish, who live in a world of weightlessness and wonder. When we have finished strip mining the oceans of fish, how much more than just sea life will die because the fish are all gone.

Consider the animals that simply enjoy life; true freedom of the moment. They are our food, the clothes on our back, and the shoes on our feet. Their heads and hides decorate our walls and floor, and cover the chairs we sit in. The fewer the species the more valuable the coat.

Consider other humans with whom we must live with. We have littered the ground with the bodies of those who are not as we are. We need little excuse to kill our fellow man. The color of his skin, his religion, his money, power, land, even the way he parts his hair is enough to decimate him and his family and everybody living in the same town or country as he did.

In our struggle to survive and maintain the lifestyle that we have risen to; we leave behind a sea of blood of fellow living beings we stepped on to get where we are today. That they were all intelligent is without a doubt. That we are more intelligent simply because we can create great machines that can carry us beyond the confines of this world is in doubt. There is a difference between living in the world, and living with the world.

What would happen if it should be found, another living creature whose intelligence and ingenuity could match or exceed our own? This is a question we must answer before we step into space, or we risk leaving a trail of blood and bodies throughout the stars.


Uncomfortable Silence

A quite pause stretches seemingly into eternity.

The words I wanted to say, I dare not say, stick in my throat.

The moment stretches on turning seconds into hours, minutes into days.

Words fill my head and threaten to spill over into the real world.

The moment passes into the next and the next and the next.

Still, my tongue cannot find the words that fill my heart.

The moment comes and goes as do you, fading into the night like the words I wanted to say.

I cannot stop you from going; I have no words to make you want to stay.

This is just one of many such moments that have ended in silence, my silence, your silence.

All my fears come together and choke the life from my words.

There you sit and here I stand in an awkward moment of silence that screams louder than anything I could have said.

Like so many others, should I whisper sweet nothings in your ear that would make you heart beat faster with the anticipation of promises I never intend to keep?

No, I am not made that way, and so the moment slips away with words unsaid, feelings unspoken.

Perhaps, somehow, it is better this way; I do not love you, I could love you, I want to love you.

In that moment, what words could I say that you have not heard before?

I will not fill the silence with words I do not mean and promises I will not keep simply to fulfill my desire.

So, I let the moment pass in uncomfortable silence.

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